The Connectory

Our central feature is a digital book of lists called the Business Connectory. This resource provides continuously updated digital lists of Utah’s top companies in key industries. Just click on a listing to call or email a potential client, with additional one-button access to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or blog posts.

Industry List Sponsorship

Own Your Industry

One company in each industry has to opportunity to sponsor the list on an annual basis.  This sponsorship includes:

  • Your logo on the list cover page and all list graphics shared to social media and used for other promotional purposes.
  • A full page interactive digital ad.  This can include hyperlinks to any websites you choose, video, audio, touch to dial phone numbers, and social media links.
  • A featured listing for your company.

Featured Listing

Stand Out from the Pack

Your featured listing brings you to the top of the industry list and differentiates your company from your peers.

  • Contrasting color block with your logo and a 50 word description
  • All your contact info and links for up to four social media platforms of your choice

THE List

Ours is better

  • Digital and mobile, the Connectory is on your phone  giving you access to key industry players at the touch of a finger, literally.
  • Regularly updated, daily if necessary, to keep current contact information in your pocket.
  • All industry players are listed based on state employment numbers-- it is not a popularity contest.
  • No cost .xsl spreadsheet download of all list data.*


         *For now...